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Xentas Inc. started in 2015 as a small business, offering computer services. In 2017 we added print products to our portfolio. In North America we are widely known for our unique Garage Door Banners, Fence Banners and Balcony Privacy screens, offering all sorts of innovative designs at

We are Germans and we love Christmas. 2017 was the inaugural year of our very popular Christmas displays website with the original Christmas map

The overwhelming success of our Christmas map opened the door to import handmade original and world-famous Christmas products from Germany at

To make the puzzle complete and our hearts full, we added even more products to our portfolio at

We love quality, handmade products and we love helping others sell their amazing products. From that love, our Craft Shop was born! Locally handmade products are now part of our portfolio at

Our hearts are full with the many customers appreciating our efforts, it motivates and inspires us every day.

Visit our websites today or reach out via email/phone to see for yourself how we love what we do!

Thank you,

Silvana & Christian

Founder and Owner of Xentas Inc. and all others


Small but fine: Our lovely miniatures bring joy. Once you’ve seen them, you don’t want to give them away. For many years, our angels, little boys and many other tiny figurines have been taking hearts by storm. Their history is as old as that of nutcrackers and incense smokers. And there are more every year: At Christmas time, the angel orchestra, the baker’s angels and the cooking angels get energetic reinforcements. Lovingly hand-painted, each figure is a small masterpiece. Be inspired on our website and discover our miniatures for yourself.

Welcome to our German Christmas Decorations store. If you have any questions, or need help or have a suggestion please let us know. Customer Service is our TOP priority!
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